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Research Links


Hennessy Resource catalogue
A complete reference guide to all the print and digital reference material held in Hennessy's Library facilities.

World Book Online

Hennessy's subscription to this leading International online Resource.

The World Book web site offers an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides.


World Book Internet Scavenger Hunts

Fun trips all over the world looking & searching for interesting clue's


Carefully selected links to Curriculum areas. Press the Login button to get started.

The FindArticles section accesses millions of articles from thousands of magazines / journals.

ProQuest (E-Library) Reference Centre
Search this Australian site to access a variety of media sources(newspapers, magazines, books, maps, pictures, audio and video archives).

Young Library Service
Full library services for the South West Regional Library Service

National Library
Australia's largest reference library including a comprehensive collection of library material relating to Australia and the Australian people, contains links to numerous databases.

Selected government publications . . . .
Australian Biography & Book Review Index . . . .
The Federation Gateway. . . .
Picture Australia . . . .
Australian Libraries Gateway . . . .
Online Exhibitions . . . .
Digital collections . . . .


Newspaper Databases
Sydney Morning Herald . . . .
The Australian . . . .
The Canberra Times . . . .
National Library . . . .
Australian Online Newspapers . . . .


Other useful Links
American History Online: . . . .
Ancient and Medieval History Online: . . . .
Australian and New Zealand Reference Centre ...... Newspapers and magazines (Ebsconet) Find artcles from nearly all the major Australian Newspapers and Magazinesand. Points of View database, look here to find articles on social, economic and relgious topics.

Two databases
Bloom's Literary Reference Online: . . . .
Curriculum Resource Center: Jnr Edition: . . . .

Facts On File Reference Collection Universal portal page: . . . .

Health Reference Center: . . . .

Issues & Controversies: . . . .

Modern World History Online: . . . .

Science Online: . . . .

World Atlas: . . . .



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