Student's may be issued with a BRONZE award card by teachers. 

They may be issued for merit in any of the following areas:








It is the student’s responsibility to keep their Bronze Awards.  If  students are issued with 4 Bronze Awards they would be eligible for a SILVER award.  This would require them to return the 4 Bronze Awards to their PC teacher who will sign them and record their achievement of the SILVER Award.  Silver Award Certificates would be presented at Assemblies.


If a student obtains 4 Silver Awards they will then be eligible for a GOLD Award.  This will be presented to them by the Principal at a whole school assembly along with a small gift.


All staff are encouraged to grant Bronze Awards to all students.  Feel encouraged to find ways to affirm positive behaviour, values, actions and achievement in ALL students.


Staff are encouraged to collect a handful of Bronze merits at the start of each term and give them out as the occasion arises. These can be collected from the Year co-ordinators or the Director of Community.