Diverse Learning Needs

At Hennessy Catholic College we identify a student requiring special needs as one who appears to struggle with aspects of class work or who completes work in an exemplary manner and needs extension.


It is imperative that subject teachers be involved and monitor student performance and continue to vary presented work in an attempt to satisfy the learning requirements of all students within the classroom.


When a subject teacher observes that a student continues to find academic progress in the class difficult, the special needs staff can be used as an additional resource.


The documentation that follows includes:


* Flow chart of student movement from Year 6 into Year 7 at Hennessy;

* Flow chart of a Life Skills student as they work within a mainstream classroom;

* Diverse Learning Needs Referral Form;

* Communication Protocols;

* Modified Program Registration Sheet;

* End of Unit Checklist.


Catering for the Special Needs of students will be successful if;






Parents should discuss any special requirements with subject teachers or year co-ordinators.

They will then discuss with the Diverse Learning Needs Resource Teacher.

Should Diverse Learningl Needs assistance be required,then a student referral form will be completed & processed.


The referral forms may be used for: