Communication Diary

At the commencement of each year students are issued with a College Communication Diary. This diary remains the property of the College and there is an expectation that the diary in well presented and effectively used.


Its purpose is-



Students in Years 7 to 10 are required to have diaries signed by a parent or guardian at least once a week. Pastoral Care teachers should check student diaries once a week and sign them.


Students must use a Communication Diary to record their homework.  Diaries should be on student’s desks during the lesson and all homework should be recorded on the day that it is given with the due date.  Assessment tasks should be recorded with reminders closer to the due date, so that the possibility of ‘forgetting’ is minimised.


The Role of Parent/ Guardian

Parents need to check and sign the diaries weekly as they are a valuable point of communication between the teacher and home.  Such parental monitoring will assist students in developing sound study and homework habits.


Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s homework, but not, of course, to the extent of doing it for them.


There may be times when no homework is given as to the nature of the course may require all activities to be confined to the school.  However, it can be assumed that, given the guidelines outlined above, students will be involved in homework activities of one sort or another for much of their course of study.


Parents should not expect that homework be given in every subject every day.  However, they should feel free to extend student’s interests in any number of ways – having books and magazines around the house, encouraging the watching of suitable television programs, especially on ABC & SBS.


Parents will be advised if a student has continual difficulty in submitting assignments by the due date, or is disregarding homework requirements.