Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at Hennessy


Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8)

In Year 7 and 8 students must study mandatory subjects across all KLA areas. What they study are:


English*                                                           Maths

HSIE (History and Geography)*                       Science

PDHPE                                                            Religion

TAS                                                                 Art

Music                                                              French (Year 8 only)

Sport (2 periods per cycle until end of Year 10)


*In Year 7 students study integrated English with History and Geography. This is known as iHi.In these classes they have the same teacher for both subjects and the content in speard across both subjects.



Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10)

Students are able to choose TWO electives in both Year 9 and in Year 10 as they embark on their study to meet the requirements of the Record of Student Achievement (RoSA).


Mandatory Subjects:

English                                                          Maths

HSIE (History and Geography)                       Science

PDHPE                                                           Religion


In 2017, the following electives are being offered:

Agriculture                                                       Big History Project

Commerce                                                        Drama

Elective History                                               French

Food Technology                                             Information Software & Technology

Industrial Technology - Metal                           Industrial Technology - Timber

iStem                                                               Music

Photography                                                    Physical and Sports Studies

Visual Art                                                         Hospitality* (Year 10 only)

*Hospitality (VET) is offered to Year 10 students. This is an accelerated class in which student will commence their Higher School Certificate course in Year 10 and complete it in Year 11.


Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12)

Students complete both their Preliminary Certificate (Year 11) and their Higher School Certificate (Year 12). There are a variety of pathways offered which are designed to meet the needs of students. An English and Religious Education course are the only compulsory subjects.


In 2017, the following Subjects are offered:




Students choose from:

English - Standard or Advanced OR English Studies

Religion - Studies of Religion 1 unit or 2 unit OR Catholic Studies.




Students choose 4 or 5 subjects from the following:

Ancient History                                               Biology                       

Business Studies

Community and Family Studies                     Chemistry                  

Drama                                                             English Extension 1                           

English Extension 2 (Year 12 only)                History Extension  (Year 12 only)      

Industrial Technology - Timber OR Metal      Legal Studies                                    

Mathematics OR General Mathematics,  Mathematics Extension 1      

Modern History                                               Music 1

PDHPE                                                           Physics          

Senior Science                                               Sport and Recreation Studies

Work Studies                                                  Visual Art


In addition the following Vocational Courses (VET) are offered at school:


Hospitality - Kitchen Operations and Commercial Cookery

Information and Digital Technology   

Primary Industries - Horticulture


Students can also take the opportunity to study a course at TAFE (TVET) or complete a traineeship in a variety of industries as part of their Stage 6 studies.