Wellbeing provides a positive, safe and caring learning environment, recognising the personal, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual to support them in reaching their potential through its link to effective teaching and learning.


At Hennessy Catholic College we view student wellbing as essential to the holistic growth of an individual. We believe that the basis of human growth is to be Christ-like and exhibit values that promote humanity. Relationships within such a community will be based upon respect for the dignity of the individual, respect for truth, respect for difference, respect for ourselves and respect for the Divine and his creation. Distinction needs to be made between student wellbing and discipline.

The management policy outlines the various processes established to assist members of the community to work together in a manner that is founded on justice and mutual respect. However, the student pastoral care policy seeks to both enrich and safeguard the life experience of the individuals in the community through the knowledge gained and exposure to lived Gospel values.


Effective interactions, with relationships based on trust, between staff and students both within and beyond the classroom enables a positive wellbing environment for all members of the Hennessy community.


Each year group has a year co-ordinator who looks after the wellbeing and logistical needs of their students. Our school counsellor is available five days per fortnight.


Issues are addressed according to the particular perceived and articulated needs of each year group each year. This may involve the use of police liaison officer, guest speakers, gender based presentations, Student Representative Council and community activities.


Effective communication is maintained between parents and the school community via term letters, newsletter, emails and direct contact with parents. Additionally there are parent information evenings, Parent Teacher Student conference days which provide opportunities for parents, as we work in patnership with regard to the wellbeing of their children.



Year 7 -  Mrs Marie Singh                             Marielouise.Singh@cg.catholic.edu.au 


Year 8 -  Miss Meghan Worner                     Meghan.Worner@cg.catholic.edu.au


Year 9 - Mrs Emily Nowlan                            Emily.Nowlan@cg.catholic.edu.au


Year 10 - Miss Jorja Hitchenson                  Jorja.Hitchenson@cg.catholic.edu.au


Year 11 - Mrs Jessica McInerney                 Jessica.McInerney@cg.catholic.edu.au


Year 12 - Mr Ian Mergard                             Ian.Mergard@cg.catholic.edu.au