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Safe Surfing

Surfing the web can be fun, so why is safe surfing so important? Because anyone can put web pages on the internet and there's a lot of bad stuff on the web as well as good stuff. Bad stuff can be sites that hurt other people or make you feel uncomfortable, and some web sites are only for adults. Do you know how to avoid problems and stay safe? Check out Safe Surfing Tips and get your own Surftificate.Here are some safe surfing tips. Use a kid safe search engine.

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Know how to leave a site by using the back arrow or the home icon.

Sometimes you might accidentally come across an inappropriate site. Knowing how to exit quickly is important.

Never tell strangers on the Internet your name, address, telephone number or school.

You should never give out personal information about yourself, your family or your friends.

Tell your parents or teachers about any sites you see which have bad language or nasty pictures.

If you come across any inappropriate sites always tell your parents or teachers.

Take care using chat rooms. Use a nickname and leave if something makes you feel uncomfortable.

Even if you've been chatting with someone for a few weeks, you should keep your personal information private. And you should never agree to meet a cyberfriend in person, even if they seem really cool.

Take care using Email. Never arrange to meet anyone you meet on the Internet unless you have your parents with you, Keep your password secret from EVERYONE.