Hennessy Community Council

The School Community Council provides the opportunity for members of the school, parish and Archdiocesan communities to support the mission of Catholic education at Hennessy Catholic College.  Working with the Parish Priest, Principal and staff, Council members provide leadership to the school community. 


Parent Representatives

                             Elka Cleaverdon

                             Natalie Turner

                             Linda Cavanaugh

                             Gerard Trinder - Chairperson


Staff Representative

                              Tracey Cullen                              


                              Fr Tom Thornton - Parish Priest

                              Mr Christopher Browne - Member of the College Executive

                              Gerard Simms - Member of the College Executive

                              Gary Harton - Bursar


The Council has responsibility to take decisions in the following areas:


The Council has responsibility to provide advice in areas such as:


Open Forum occurs once per term, all a welcome to attend.