Harrassment and Grievance

Mission Statement

1.  Purpose

Hennessy Catholic College, Young determines that staff and students have a right to work and be educated in an environment which is free of all forms of harassment encompassing verbal, physical, emotional, racial and sexual harassment. 


This policy applies equally to all members of our College community regardless of age, gender or status.  Through raising awareness of harassment we hope to empower members of the College community to take affirmative action in the event of harassment and provide strategies to alleviate harassment in the College.


2.  Guidelines

2.1      Harassment is unwelcome and/or uninvited behaviour.  As a result of harassment people are offended, self-esteem is undermined, work effectiveness, learning ability and morale are impeded.  In the event of harassment, staff and students are denied the personal respect which is their right.  Harassment is personally offensive, promotes feelings of powerlessness and has a negative effect on the environment of the school.



• Forms of verbal  harassment may include:

   name-calling, spreading rumours, making jokes that are hurtful, verbally abusing.

• Forms of physical harassment may include:

   physical intimidation, excessive physical contact during sporting activities, fist fighting, pushing and shoving.

• Forms of emotional harassment may include:

   rejection, isolation, hostility, name calling, taunts about physical and/or intellectual differences and/or medical conditions.

• Forms of racial harassment may include:

   name calling pertaining to race and joke telling, degrading comments based on race.

• Forms of sexual harassment may include:

   name calling, smutty jokes, sexual comments re a person’s body or dress, belittling (degrading) comments based on sex-role stereotyping, leering, petting, touching or

   unnecessary familiarity, obscene telephone calls, letters and e-mails.


3.       Making a Complaint

Complaints under this policy should follow proceduarl fairness.  Complaints should be directed to Assistant Principals/ Year of KLA coordinators.  In turn these will be brought to the attention of the principal. 

4.       Expectations of Students



5.       Expectations of Staff


6.       Technology



7.       Confiscation


Students must be warned that equipment which is distracting may be confiscated.  If equipment continues to be used it needs to be collected and stored at the front office as per the Policies.  Students will not debate this action and if necessary follow up with the year co-ordinator is encouraged.