Our Story


Hennessy Catholic College is a regional Secondary School providing educational opportunities for students across Years 7 – 12 from Young and surrounding communities.


Catholic education commenced in Young in 1860. In July 1866 the Presentation Sisters came to Young and took over the Catholic Primary Schools, which had been in the hands of lay teachers. Monsignor Hennessy was the Parish Priest responsible for the promotion of Young’s Catholic Schools then.


There was a demand at this time for a Secondary school for girls and in 1916 St. Brigid’s High School (later renamed St. Mary’s War Memorial School) was opened. A separate boy’s school was built in 1919 and was staffed by lay teachers. The Christian Brothers took over the running of this school in 1925.


The next major change occurred in the 1960s, when the community of Boorowa looked to CBC and St. Mary’s Secondary to provide a Catholic secondary education for its young people. In the late seventies there was a movement back to co-education and gradually the St. Mary’s Secondary and CBC were merged to form Catholic Secondary School, Young with a Christian Brother in charge.


In 1991, the school was renamed St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School and educated students in Year 7 - 10 under this name. It was at this time that the Christian Brothers withdrew from the running of the school.


In 1999, St. Mary’s Secondary began to serve the community of Harden/Murrumburrah by providing secondary Catholic education, which would have otherwise been unavailable to its young people.


In May of 1999 St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School was renamed Hennessy Catholic College. This was in recognition of Monsignor Hennessy who had done so much to build up Catholic education in the region.


In the Year 2000, a local pathway commenced for Catholic education for Year 11 and 12 students from surrounding regions for the first time.


In 2005 the College completed an extensive refurbishment and building program that has placed our facilities and resources in the forefront of regional education. In 2008 the College site became a more unified campus with the development of the old Presbytery site. The current landscaping has provided a safer environment and increased open space for student recreation, games and studies.


Hennessy has grown to 537 students with a staff of 58. Hennessy is about a quality experience of Catholic education for the people of Grenfell, Boorowa, Harden/Murrumburrah, Cootamundra and Young to name a few.


Hennessy is a relatively young senior high school but with a very long Catholic tradition. Hennessy is today a truly regional Catholic high school that continues to grow and develop to meet the needs of the rural community.