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In support of student safety and wellbeing, Hennessy Catholic College is pleased to inform the school community of a new initiative beginning in Term 2 2017, that will provide increased support for our students.

This initiative is to implement an anonymous online reporting tool on the school website. SafeGuard can be accessed by students to provide the school with information on issues that they personally face or to help support their peers with personal concerns. SafeGuard is a sophisticated anonymous online reporting tool which enables students to report issues such as bullying, self-harm or other dangerous behaviour they see their peers demonstrating. The information provided to our pastoral care team through the SafeGuard platform can provide early intervention and prevention strategies for Hennessy College to be able to better support the young people in our care. Students can use SafeGuard to support their peers and to also ask for help for their own personal issues. Perimeter Guardian has provided resources to inform the school community of how best to utilise SafeGuard within Hennessy College. This includes material to be used within the pastoral programs and correspondence for families so that students are encouraged to use the platform to help make our school a safe and supportive environment with a range of communication channels for students to safely report issues.

The anonymous nature of the platform allows students to securely provide information to the school to help ensure our school community is a safe and supportive one. For more information on these new initiatives there will be material available at the cyber safety evening. Students will also be trained in using the new application responsibly.