Absentee, Late Arrival, Early Departures

Absentee, late arrival and early departure procedures.


If your child is absent from School for any reason you must write a note to their PC teacher as soon as possible, to explain their absence.

Please find the student absentee form by clicking on this link.

Alternativly notification may be sent via the skoolbag app.  If you have  not yet dowloaded the app to your phone

please follow these instructions.


If your child is late to school, please provide them with a note containing an explantion for their tardiness.  This must be

presented to the front office on arrival.  They are also required to "sign in" whilst at the office.


If your child must leave school early or during the day for some reason, please provide them with a note of explanation.  This

is to be then taken to their year adviser for signing.  The signed note is then shown to thier classroom teacher when it is time

for them to leave.  The child is then to make their way to the front office to "sign out",  the note is then handed to office staff for

your childs record.